Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

This year Halloween was sooo much fun. We started out with Trick-or-Treating at Sysco with Papa. We walked around to all of the offices and Papa was able to show off his cute grandkids. They hit the jackpot there. King size bars. SWEET!

At 6 pm we started on the neighborhood. We went around the circle and up to Grammy's buddy's house with Grammy. Mom, Dad, Sis and Phil all caught up with us and we finished the route. Tyden wanted to do some more houses so Meema, Pompa, Auntie and Uncle Phil took the kids to the Ivory Homes neighborhood. It was SWARMING with kids. It was how Halloween should be in every neighborhood. I loved it. The kids were good little troopers. Hadlee loved getting all of the candy. DUH! She is such a piggy. Tyden was a little timid at first but he warmed up.
It was sooo cute to watch Tyden running. The little bottom of his costume would bounce up and down. It was just adorable.
After we went to Pizza Factory for dinner. All Tyden wanted to do was bowl. He probably bowled 6 or 7 games. He spent the night with Meema and Pompa and Justin and I finished our night off with High School Musical 3. I loved it. Justin hated it. He wasn't a big fan of the all the singing. Too bad for him.


katrinaL said...

how precious are your kids!! So much fun - and I'm digging the new background :)

Chrys said...

Sounds like a great Halloween. Your kiddos are darling. I remember when you would take Taylor and Sadie trick or treating. It is such a small world. Emily is my niece, just got married to, what's his name again? Her mom, Jerrea, and Kelly are brother and sister. She is a sweetie. You need to send me your email address. Mine is I think I finally got your moms new address, after about a year or getting my email returned. It is good to hear from you.

Michelle said...

I love the costumes! My daughter also loved trick or treating and has eaten way too much candy since. I love how you have these names for everyone instead of grandma and grandpa!

lins.e said...

oh just love the costumes, did you make them?

I'm sad we couldn't get the cousins together for trick or treating, maybe next year, eh?

kassy said...

How fun! They both looked adorable!