Monday, October 13, 2008

It's Halloween TIME!!

I love Halloween. Not just for the decorations and the costumes but because it means that some important things are going to happen. My birthday, Tyden's birthday and our anniversary all are in 9 days of each other. I love it.

My mom bought the kids some pumpkins the other day and Tyden has been wanting to carve them for a while now. I thought that it would be the perfect Family Night activity. I love the thought of carving pumpkins but when it comes down to it, I really don't like it. The kids are still to young to do it themselves so I end up doing it all myself. Tyden didn't even want to touch the inside of the pumpkin. I went online to see if I could find some free templates and I found a lot. Tyden chose Thomas the Tank Engine, Blues Clues for Hadlee and Sponge Bob for me. I'll post the links at the bottom of my post. It took me about 2+ hours to get it all done. I hate it. Here are the pics of the finished products!!
He is faking it. His hand is just in there. It is completely cleaned out.

Mom working diligently on Thomas

Hadlee eating the innards

Tyden and his favorite pumpkin

The finished products. They are a little blurry but I couldn't use the flash. I love them.

Here are the links:

Now I want to see all of your pumpkins!!


marci helen said...

very well done!! i am with tyden though, i hate touching the goo inside...just makes me cringe!!

katrinaL said...

those turned out awesome! I'm not surprised that you can't stand the mess but I hear you, it does seem that at the end of it all mom is the one holding the bag (although being a bit of a control freak, I love getting to do the last touch).
You have inspired me! We are doing some this weekend :)

lins.e said...

pumpkins? already? you know those aren't going to last untill halloween right? they turned out spectacular though. Dax would love love love the thomas one!!!!

Lace said...

Very cool! I am so not this patient, I probably would have just started stabbing the pumpkin randomly half way through... good job on not doing that!

Jake, Jacy, and Lex said...

Vicki! Your kids are SOOOO cute!

I love Halloween too... GREAT PUMPKINS!

Jake, Jacy, and Lex said...

Vicki! Your kids are SOOOO cute!

I love Halloween too... GREAT PUMPKINS!