Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tyden's Birthday

I can't believe that Tyden is 4. The time just flies by. His birthday was on Sunday. We went up to Mom and Dad's for dinner. We invited Tori and Jenna from work and the Lawrence's. Justus taught Kenny karate when we first moved to St. George and our family became good friends with them. Mom was there when Justus and Katrina had their first baby, Kai. It was so good to see them again and Tyden just loved having some new friends to play with. It's always fun to laugh about old memories and laugh at Justus and the mini van.

We opened presents, ate cake and just hung out. It was so much fun and of course Tyden was so extremely spoiled. He really hit the jackpot.

On Monday we had his birthday party at Fat Cats bowling alley. There were 6 kids there including 2 friends from preschool and 1 from his primary class. Of course Pierce and Dax too. We ate pizza, played in the arcade, bowled, ate cake, opened presents and bowled some more. It was so much fun. Tyden just loves to bowl. We had the family there too. The kids were all over the place when we were bowling. It was hectic at first but my mother stepped in and fixed that real quick.
Tyden and his new skateboard

Grammy and Papa bought him WoodyMiss Hadlee's static hairWe bought him a digital camera. Te and Tyden were having a good time with it. Tyden put his arm around Te for this pic..... It's from Tyden's camera. The quality isn't super good but what do you expect from a kids camera. It would have been better if Te's eyes were open. Te wants me to buy him a camera for his baptism on Saturday. Little stinker. Jenna said we were an Oreo. I'm so pastie white.Sis and Phil bought him Buzz. They searched everywhere for it. She didn't want him to be disappointed because that's what he told her he wanted. She spoils him.Pierce loved the bread twists. Dax did too.Hadlee loved the pizza. She ate two slices. What a cow.This isn't the greatest picture but it was so sweet. Tyden and Meema bowling. Mom and Dad rode the bike that's why they are in the leathers.Tyden's Wall-e birthday cake. Tyden's friend Maddie, she scrapped all of the frosting of the cake and ate it. She's so cute.Hadlee eating her piece of cake. Always eating.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tyden's Halloween program

Yesterday morning Tyden's preschool class put on a Halloween program. It was soooo cute. All of the kids were dressed in their costumes. The parents were laughing and snapping pictures like crazy, including myself.

This is a pre-view of just how dang cute my kids are going to be on Halloween. Tyden is Bumble from the SL Bees. It's not finished yet. I need some antenna and some wings still.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our 5th Anniversary

Yesterday was our 5th anniversary. We didn't do too much that was special. We went to lunch at PF and got to spend a little time together while the kids slept and then I was off to work. Yes, I worked on our anniversary too. It's just like any other day.

I'm not going to be sappy and say all of this stuff about J. I love him, he knows it. We are the perfect match. That's it.

5 Years ago.....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The BIG 2-4!!

Yes, It has come and gone. I am FINALLY 24! It feels no different from the day before when I was 23. I ended up working on my birthday. I now work at the Pizza Factory for those of you who don't know. A Friday night is just too good to pass up on, right? I originally brought my camera so I could take pictures throughout the day but I forgot until Tanya and I were about to close up for the night.

I had so much fun. I literally greeted my tables like this...."Hi, I'm Vicki. I'm going to be taking care of you tonight. It's my birthday, so Happy Birthday to me." It totally worked. I had people leaving birthday notes and one lady gave me $25 and a hug. She was so sweet. She reminded me a lot of Granny. It was a sweet night. Mom, Sis, Phil, Justin and the kids came in to eat while I served them. Justin also took Tyden bowling. He just loves it. We did a little birthday cake and they sang. It was nice.

I wore a little poofy thing in my hair and we just had a blast the whole night. Tanya and I were closing the restaurant so basically we took forever. We decided to go to the lanes and mess around and take some pictures. She wanted it to seem like I had fun on my birthday. We ended up bowling next to these guys that I swear are in EVERY night. It really was a great birthday.

PS. I ended up making $150 that night. SWEET!


Ruben and I, By the time I remembered the camera he was the only one in the kitchen

Mitch, Vicki, LaTanya

These girls were all dressed up cute. Ah, High School days

Our bowling buddies

This is LaTanya dancing. I love it because she thought I was taking a pic. HAHAHA.

Monday, October 13, 2008

It's Halloween TIME!!

I love Halloween. Not just for the decorations and the costumes but because it means that some important things are going to happen. My birthday, Tyden's birthday and our anniversary all are in 9 days of each other. I love it.

My mom bought the kids some pumpkins the other day and Tyden has been wanting to carve them for a while now. I thought that it would be the perfect Family Night activity. I love the thought of carving pumpkins but when it comes down to it, I really don't like it. The kids are still to young to do it themselves so I end up doing it all myself. Tyden didn't even want to touch the inside of the pumpkin. I went online to see if I could find some free templates and I found a lot. Tyden chose Thomas the Tank Engine, Blues Clues for Hadlee and Sponge Bob for me. I'll post the links at the bottom of my post. It took me about 2+ hours to get it all done. I hate it. Here are the pics of the finished products!!
He is faking it. His hand is just in there. It is completely cleaned out.

Mom working diligently on Thomas

Hadlee eating the innards

Tyden and his favorite pumpkin

The finished products. They are a little blurry but I couldn't use the flash. I love them.

Here are the links:




Now I want to see all of your pumpkins!!

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

My Model Boy

Nothing comes between him and his Calvin's!

If anyone even THINKS about taking this picture and using for inappropriate things....I will hunt you down and KILL you! I promise!

Friday, October 10, 2008

7 Things


7 Things I want to do before I die.....

1. Be sealed to my husband and children
2. Sky dive
3. Go to Venice
4. Cuddle my grandkids
5. Buy a home
6. Go on a mission
7. Go to New York

7 Things I do now.....

1. Digital Scrapping
2. Bake goodies
3. Take care of my kids
4. Go to church
5. Sleep
6. Watch Greys
7. Blog Stalk

7 Things I can not do.....

1. Whistle on my fingers
2. Run a mile
3. Eat tomatoes
4. Eat ANYTHING that should be a smooth texture but has chunks in it (Yogurt, jello, etc.)
5. Cook
6. Wear a bikini (Barf!)
7. Clean one room at a time, I get side tracked. I have to move all around. Ask my mom.

7 Things that Attract me to my husband.....

Now or when we were dating?
1. He is kind
2. He is funny
3. He is caring
4. He is SEXY
5. He is a good Daddy
6. He has a nice body ;)
7. He always takes care of us

7 Things I say most often.....

1. Tyden get off of your sister!
2. If she's crying it mean she doesn't like it.
3. What do you say?
4. Don't hit.
6. How was work?
7. Say, I love you Mommy!

7 celebrities I admire.....I don't admire Celebrites!
Here are 7 people that I admire...

1. Dad
2. Mom
3. President Hinkley
4. Steve Christensen
5. Jay Manning
6. Masa Hanamaikai
7. Kristen Christensen

7 Favorite foods.....

1. Sushi
2. Cheese Raviolis from Diccicos (Sanger, CA)
3. Steak from Flemmings
4. Cinnamon Twists from Taco Bell
5. Mom's Lasagna re-heated the next day
6. Potato Cheese soup (Chef my Father-in-law)
7. Navajo Tacos with Tomatillo dressing from Cafe Rio

7 people that have to do this.....

1. Jessica
2. Mikelle
3. Whitney
4. Lindsay
5. Katrina
6. Rex
7. Marci

Monday, October 6, 2008


Yesterday morning my Dad called me to ask me about standing in line for a conference session. After I got off the phone with him I decided that I wanted to go. I've never stood in line because the times that I have gone before I had tickets. I got in line at 11:30 am. That's 2 1/2 hours before the session starts. I made friends with a cute couple from Idaho. They have only been married for 2 1/2 months. It was nice to talk to someone to make the time pass quickly.

Conference was awesome. Dad met a some Hawaiian sisters that are living in Utah. He has invited them up for dinner next Sunday. When we got into the Conference center we were 11 rows from the pulpit! What awesome seats. Who would of thought that we would get so close? I got a TON of pics of the Prophet. AWESOME! It was a good session.

Waiting in line....

I just thought that this was a good one.

This is a little blurry but I love that they are laughing together

This is a bad one but L. Tom Perry is my favorite apostle

Weeked Update

This past weekend I had my purse party. It was a lot of fun to just get together eat and chat. I made some sugar cookies that I didn't cook for long enough. They were still a bit on the doughy side. Mom said that they were disgusting and spit it into a napkin. RUDE! Tyden and Hadlee were my big helpers. They were able to roll the dough out and cut the cookies for me. Little stinkers. Hadlee was eating the dough as she rolled. She will seriously eat anything. After my party when the boys went to the priesthood session the girls went out to dinner with the kiddos. We decided on Cafe Rio because the kids eat for free and who doesn't love Cafe Rio? After that FUN experience went came home, cuddled up with some blankets on the couch and watched Maid of Honor with my boyfriend Patrick Dempsey. He's so hot. Yum. I just love him. It was pretty funny. Jessica and I saw it in the theatres and laughed our butts off. This time it wasn't as funny.
I didn't get a picture of the girls but I got this one of the kids watching a movie on Aunt Bicki's bed.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A difference between a MAN and a WOMAN!!!!

This is what our storage unit looks like when JUSTIN "organizes" it.!
And this is what it looks like when VICKI cleans and organizes it. It seriously took me only an hour and a half. It's not like it is difficult.