Tuesday, September 30, 2008

La Tanya

Last night my fam went to dinner at Pizza Factory to visit a friend of mine that I haven't seen in a while. She just recently received her mission call to Guam and is leaving in November. We just wanted to have a good laugh with her, its easy with La Tanya. Her laugh is extremely infectious. She's so fun. We were joking last night that she is going to "Boss people in baptism." She is always eating....
I was taking a picture of Mom and Dad, Tyden snuck in.

Afterwards Tyden wanted to go bowling so he did a game all by himself. He was so excited. Of course the kid had a orange ball.....

Hadlee played in the arcade with Auntie

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Grey's Anatomy

When we were at the park the girls were talking about having a Grey's party at Peg's house. I LOVE Grey's and have had it on the calander for a few weeks. I didn't know that they watched it. It's a bit on the scandalis side. Anyway, I went to the party with the girls. No kids. Justin kept them and it was nice. We all brought some snacks and I had a diet coke. What kind of night could be better? Junk food, no kids, Diet Coke and Patrick Dempsey! He's so hot. I just love these girls. They are a lot like my family. Loud, outspoken and fun. Thanks for the GREAT night girls.
Sorry Sadie. It's the best one of me.

Park Play

Thursday afternoon I took Hadlee to the park to play with her cousins. We went to Winchester Park. Cobi is moving to Florida and we wanted to get together before she moved. The kids played and we got some much needed girls talk in. There are some devil geese there and they will attack you.

Some kids aren't in the pic....Bella, Trixy and Scotty

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I had to post this....

Tyden helped me do this page. He just loves bumble. He now wants to be Miles, the bronco mascot and Bumble for Halloween. He's so weird. He just looked at this all last night.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Justin's Broncos

Yesterday Justin and his friend, Aaron Porter were able to go to the Saints Broncos game. Justin of course likes the broncos and Aaron like the Saints. They have been waiting to go to this particular game for a long time. He got home late last night and was still excited. He brought home a night light and a autograph for Tyden from Miles the mascot. Here are some of the pictes that they took.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's gotten worse!

Here are just 2 of the 5 pages that I did today. The good thing about Digital is that if you don't like it in 2 days or even a week you can just do it over. It's nice.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Help me!! I'm obsessed!!

Now that I know how to do it...I'm going crazy! So my previous goal of 2 pages a day was smashed today by 9 pages! Who does that? I have so many years to catch up on. I have a million photos. In the month of July I downloaded over 700 pics to the computer. That was 1 month. YIKES.

So I started a blog for my digital pages. It's VickiBarker.blogspot.com .... creative name huh?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My first Digital Page

I was messing around with some free digital stuff today and literally 7 hours later and a lot of redos, mental brakes and almost beating the computer, this is what I had...
I think that this is going to be my new hobby. It's easy once you figure it all out. I don't have 1 page scrapbooked since Tyden was born. So bad! I'm going to give myself a goal of 1 page a day. I'll get it done in...NEVER! Maybe 2 pages a day. That would be almost 6 years to catch up.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My little spawn of Satan

My 100th Post!!

Today I walked into Hadlee's room to find this.....
She stands on the little pink chair and can pull down all of her stuff. I have already had to move her hair clips after I found them on the floor 5 times. She is such a little stinker. If I don't watch her 24/7 she can do ANYTHING! This is what it is suppose to look like....

and YES! I color coordinate all of our clothes...except Justin. He doesn't like it. Here is your proof.

Tyden's clothes

My clothes

Friday, September 12, 2008


Yesterday Tyden asked to me to put on my glasses and take a picture with the three of us with them on. He's so random some times.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Sister is a crafty mother..to be

Jessica is beyond talented. She decided to make a pregnancy journal to sell online at her etsy store. All of you that are pregnant or have friends that are please look at these. You will love them. She can make it anyway that you like. It's so cute. BabyLooDesigns.Etsy.com

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day weekend in Cascade, ID

It has become a Barker Family tradition to spend Labor Day weekend with the entire family together in Cascade, ID at Trent's families cabin. We have done it the last 2 years in a row. We just barely got back last night. It's a 6 1/2 hour drive. Yuck! Every year we have gone Justin hasn't been able to come so I trek the kids all by myself. Trent's family has a cute cabin nestled in the mountains. It's so much fun. Last year I wasn't a big fan, I wasn't medicated, Tyden was throwing up and Hadlee wouldn't nurse. But this year we had activities planned for the kids and Hadlee threw up. Ah, Good times. We went to the lake twice, rode the 4-wheeler, motorcycles, went on several nature walks, roasted mellows, made smores, fished, water skied, watched movies and went to the tiniest LDS church EVER. On our second night Hadlee threw-up all over me. It was about midnight and the adults had just finished our movie. I went downstairs to go to bed and she started to cry. I picked her up and BAM. She got me good. I was going up-stairs to ask Kari to help me out and she started to puke again in the tub and then in the kitchen sink. It was so thick that she was choking on it and couldn't get it out. I woke up all of the males in the house and no one had oil. So Russ gave her a blessing. That was the first night that she slept with Tyden and I in the same bed. :( The next morning she was fine.

When we went to the lake I forgot to re-apply sunscreen to her face and 2 days later she got blisters on her cheeks. I'm a bad mom. She looks so sad. At the lake the boys got to fish and we got to water ski and knee board. I love to water ski and it has been so long. The last time I did it was my 6th year of girls camp. We went to lake Powell. I started to get in the water and realized that I didn't have a life jacket on and I had my sun glasses on. I would of been so mad if I would of lost them. I love them.

Our activities with the boys included several nature walks. I went online the week before we left and looked for some ideas to keep the boys busy. We went on nature walks to pick leaves and flowers. We pressed them between clear contact paper and made place mats. We also layed leaves out on colored shirts and drenched them with bleach. It bleached out everything except where the leaf is. The boys liked it and it turned out pretty good. We also played with play-doh, kaleidoscopes, punching balloons and colored.

When we went to church on Sunday we sat in the relief society room. They broadcast it in there because the chapel and the over-flow were packed. The whole building is the size of the Cultural Hall in the stake center we went to in Clovis when I was growing up. It's ridiculously small. I forgot to bring Tyden's church shoes so he wore his tenni's and he looked so white trash. It's a good thing we didn't know anyone.

Monday morning when I woke up I could tell that I was getting sick. My back and my neck were so achy. They are the sure signs that I am getting the flu. Kari had to pull over in the canyon so I could throw up and I lost it in the restaurant. My little nephew was throwing up on the way home too. So sad. I hate being sick.

Russ, Kari and I parted ways in Jerome, ID and I stopped to see my Baba for a little while. I haven't been to see her at her home yet and she has been begging me to visit. We made a trip to Wal-mart to find a car adapter for the DVD player that conveniently broke on the way home and had no luck finding it. I bought the kids some toys and realized after I got on the road that I needed to buy batteries. Seriously, It was a AWESOME trip home. I didn't get home until 10:15 pm and we left Cascade at about 10:30 am. I was in Jerome for 2 hours! I only intended for staying for 30 min.

Anyway, I know that this post is forever long but I have a lot to write about and of course it needs it's "Vicki" touch with a ton of pictures.
Riding "Brown Papa's" horse Rojo. That's what Pierce calls Trent's Dad.
Miss Hadlee on Rojo

Making our leaf place mats
Riding with Uncle T-Bird

4-Wheeling with Aunt Mikelle

Kisses from the Daxter
At Cascade Lake

Silly Papa has to cover his face because he is a fellow whitey

She dropped her push pop and was trying to put it back on the stick.
Ham bone Mikelle Knee-boarding

Yours truly

Linz had us laughing our butts off. Every time she fell Dax would say "Mama OTay?"
Play-doh, Orange of course

Tyden with his SWEET necklace
Miss Hadlee eatingI love this one of him

Bah-Tee was eating the sand. He's such a little squirt.Fishing with PapaRoasting with Uncle Cam

Campfire with Mama
Tyden and Me, That's the leaf shirt that we made.
Tyden took this picture of Kari. I thought that it was funny.

Daxter, Aunt Bittie, Pierce
Waiting to go to church
Our Sunday nature walk

Miss Hadlee and Ninny with their purple balloons.
Aunt Bittie taking a picture of Dax taking a picture of my camera
Another Tyden shot

Tyden loves to take pictures. He got this good one of Papa.Miss Hadlee's poor little blistered cheekies. I'm a bad Mommy.