Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My poor Tyden

Well yesterday I noticed that Tyden's symptoms were getting a little worse. Monday he started coughing and had a runny nose. Yesterday his breathing was short and shallow. I knew that it wasn't right. This isn't our first time with this. Kari convinced me to call Dr. Wall. He wasn't in the office so we saw Dr. Omara. After he had me listen to Tyden's lungs he told me that the high pitch sound I was listening to wasn't good. Sometimes children can act asthmatic without being diagnosed with asthma. That is the case with Tyden. He said that sometimes children have sensitive lungs. A dust storm came through on Sunday and that is what did him in. He told me to just keep using his inhaler and I have to give him a steroid today. Poor little guy. Justin and Grammy really gave him the bad genes.
Yesterday I couldn't even get him to do anything. He didn't even want the orange pancakes (his favorite color) that I made him. He even turned down chocolate milk. He just wanted to lay around and watch TV. He was totally lethargic. He seems to be getting better and yesterday Kari was saying that the steroid was giving him "Roid Rage." He was an ornery butt.


Julie H. said...

Hope he feels better soon! Good luck with everything.

kassy said...

Poor guy! I hope he feels better and maybe even able to out grow this!