Thursday, July 31, 2008

PAPA loves US!

"Papa loves me!"

Tonight after Russ and I gave the boys a LOOONG scooter ride and Popsicle's Russ made the boys ice cream cones. This is how it looked.

Brockie Boy

Tyden (I just love this one!)

Pierce's dirty face

Miss Hadlee

Tyden and Pierce on the scoot

I love Dillards! It's my weakness!

So yesterday Kari made the mistake of telling me that Dillards was having an additional 40% off their permanently reduced merchandise. I usually love to get their shoes when they are 75 % off. I have acquired some really CUTE Jessica Simpson and Gianni Bini shoes that way. Yesterday was different. I SCORED big time. I got 8 shirts, 1 skirt, 4 bras and 2 zip hoodies for me. 1 shirt for my Dad's birthday, 3 shirts and 1 pair of shorts for Tyden. I won't say how much because I don't want J to find out. Let's just say that I keep getting credit increases on my Dillards card. YEAH! I can however tell you how much I saved.....$ 452.74. I get my skills from my Momma.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My poor Tyden

Well yesterday I noticed that Tyden's symptoms were getting a little worse. Monday he started coughing and had a runny nose. Yesterday his breathing was short and shallow. I knew that it wasn't right. This isn't our first time with this. Kari convinced me to call Dr. Wall. He wasn't in the office so we saw Dr. Omara. After he had me listen to Tyden's lungs he told me that the high pitch sound I was listening to wasn't good. Sometimes children can act asthmatic without being diagnosed with asthma. That is the case with Tyden. He said that sometimes children have sensitive lungs. A dust storm came through on Sunday and that is what did him in. He told me to just keep using his inhaler and I have to give him a steroid today. Poor little guy. Justin and Grammy really gave him the bad genes.
Yesterday I couldn't even get him to do anything. He didn't even want the orange pancakes (his favorite color) that I made him. He even turned down chocolate milk. He just wanted to lay around and watch TV. He was totally lethargic. He seems to be getting better and yesterday Kari was saying that the steroid was giving him "Roid Rage." He was an ornery butt.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Brockie's Party

Last night the family got together to celebrate Brockie's birthday. We all went to Nichols Park in Fruit Heights. They have this awesome playground that is this HUGE castle. The boys loved it and Pierce ate the sand. He's so cute. Tyden was walking over to us and his pants fell down a few times and these women were laughing at him. It was hilarious. It is always good to get together with J's grandparents. It's nice to just relax and visit.Can you tell that Pierce is eating the sand?Miss Hadlee's signature Paris Hilton pose.The boys swingingAgain with the glasses.I especially love this one. It's just so sweet. It will be framed.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Brockie!

Today is my sweet little nephews 1st birthday. I just love him so much. He has a great little personality and he loves Aunt Vicki. I love you Brockie!

We LOVE cousins!!!

On Saturday we decided to take the kids to the Gateway for lunch and a little run in the fountains. We started with lunch at Jason's Deli. Yummy. I have to toot my horn and say that a friend of mine and I discoved it when it fist came to town and I introduced the fam to it. I just love it. They have the BEST broccoli cheese soup ever! After lunch we headed to the fountains. Hadlee was the only one who walked through on her own. She was loving it. She made a little friend and followed him around. It was a lot of fun. After the fountains the boys, Ian and Papa took Trax home. The boys love trains. Miss Hadlee at the Gateway Fountains

Hadlee's friend. I love how they are talking to eachother.
Mom and Hadlee
Daxter with a flower in his hair.I just LOVE this one.

After the water and a few naps we took the kids outside. They played in the water, ate some popsicles, fed the chickens and had some scooter rides.

Hadlee just dove right in.

Little P

Brockie and Miss Hadlee

This is Hadlee crying because she didn't get to go on the first scooter ride.

Eating POPSICLES with Papa!!I love her!

Pioneer Day

Well we started out the day with the Days of '47 Parade. I have never been to this parade so imagine my surprise when I saw this....

You would think that I would have known but no. This was the closest I have ever been to the Prophet. I wish that he would of been on our side but I will take the sign and Francis. Totally rad. The boys got to see their favorite too. BUMBLE!! They were so excited. Pierce couldn't contain himself.I'm never in the pictures so I took this one of Mikelle and I. I HATE my hair. It looks too red.

After the parade we headed home and put the kids down for some naps and had a BBQ. Russ got those special hamburger patties that I like. (the elementary ones) YUMMY!

Lately it seems that Hadlee's hair has been commented on for being a mullet. I finally let Linz cut it. She cut bangs too. So sad but she looks so dang cute.

After the tramatic hair cut we headed to the Bees game. It was so much fun. The boys just love it. They are constantly searching for Bumble. Tyden was saying the days before that he wanted to take a picture with Bumble and the boys but when the time came he freaked, as did Dax. I saw that Bumble was going to be coming down some stairs so we rushed the boys over. We got there when no one was around. He even signed Pierce and Dax's new hats.

Elton John

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Help Me!!

So I was wondering if you guys would be willing to help me out with my business. I am willing to make all of my friends my Baby Learning Blocks at cost. I need to get them out there. I need people to see your kids with them at church and have you tell them about me. Let me know if you guys are interested. It only costs me about $5-7.00 give or take a little. You can choose the colors and I'll make it.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Travel Anyone???

So I have been putting this off for a while......Justin has started his own online travel website. It's called! Every time you book anything (flights, cruise, hotel, car rentals) Justin will make a commission. There is also a business opportunity for you. You can sign up your own travel site and make a commission. You also have the choice of signing up others and making money. I know that it sounds like MLM but it's not. It books using travelocity and Just check it out. Compare it. Book it. Pay the Barkers :) You can also look at That's another one of his websites. Let me know if you are interested.

Couches for SALE!

We have decided to sell our couches. Does anyone know anyone that would be interested in buying them? Justin and I have 2 storage units and we have combined into one. The couches will not fit so we are getting rid of them. We have 3 days. Nice huh? We are thinking about $500. Let me know. If we don't sell them Justin will take them to the DI.

Of course this is the stock photo. I don't have a good one of them.

We sold them!

Monday, July 21, 2008

My first SALE!!

I did it! I made a sale. I actually posted this blanket on KSL and someone e-mailed me about it. I told her to go to my web page and she ended up buying the matching Skills Cube to go with it. Sweet. I feel all official.

This is just a picture that I use for my business. I like it.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Raging Waters

For the past 3 years our HUGE Barker family has attended the annual Sysco work party at Raging Waters. This year was no different....except we were missing over half of the family. Whit and Cam are in Lake Powell. Lindsay was working and Ian didn't want to bring the boys by himself and Trent and Mikelle had planned a BBQ at their house. We sure did miss having the little guys around us. Sis and Phil didn't go either. They thought that it would be more fun to work for Phil's step-dad. Boring! Tyden was so lonely. He played with Papa and Dad most of the day. I was so excited to go. I don't get out in the sun....ever and last year they served hamburgers that I swear are the exact same ones they served at Garfield Elementary. I was loving them. But this year they had some stinky ones and I was mad. We played BINGO and I won. I never win anything so Kari and I were excited. I won the chick vs. guys edition of Scene It! Oh yeah, everyone I know will be playing with me.

And.....what would a family outing be without some adorable pictures of my children?
Carrying tubes with Papa

He's trying to block the water holes

He's so skinny. I actually had a lady at his swim lessons ask me if he is just skin and bones.
Hadlee and Daddy
Baby girl
I love this one!!

Papa gave her an ice cream bar. She is always after food.
After the ice cream
My two little burritos. I use to call Tyden my little burrito after
he got out of the tub. Now I have two.
Again with the food. She is sucking down root beer
from a straw and going for the cheez-its.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm a slacker....

I have done a post in the longest time. There has been plenty of things to talk about I just haven't felt like it....Sorry.

1st of all I am following Jessica and I have started a online business as well. It's called Cozy Cuddle Creations. You can go to that website and take a peek. It's just small and I only have a few things on there.

Autumn my long lost cousin FINALLY came into town this last week. She moved to Missouri and I hate it. This visit was long overdue. Mom bought the kids these giant suckers and we got the cutest pictures of them on the porch.

On Saturday we went up to Mom and Dad's because they had gone to the MTC on Friday and picked up Aunt Jennie for the day. When we were outside Dad picked up a grasshopper and gave it to Hadlee. Oddly enough she loved it. She would pick it up off the grass and put it on her shirt. Dad taught me to like bugs when I was little so it was fun to see him to the same with her.

Sunday night I finally had someone call about the surround sound system that I have been trying to sell for Kari. He happens to be a fireman and asked if I could bring it down to the station because they are not allowed to leave when they want. He called on Monday and said that he would just stop by and pick it up on the way back from a training. My visiting teachers were over and I saw them pull the fire truck. I didn't think that they would be in it. So COOL!! Leslie, Jennifer and I brought Tyden and Maddy outside with us. They we able to sit in the truck and try the helmet on. Of course I took pictures. They told me that I could bring the kids by the station anytime and they would let the kids sit in the truck. I was so excited. They even were running the sirens.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My little Swimmer!

Tyden has officially started his swim lessons. Jessica and I both had swim when we were little. I was younger that Tyden when I learned and it is something that I have really been wanting him to do. He is learning in a group so it is a little strange. He has had 2 lessons and he loves it. He doesn't want to leave when the lesson is over. He has 8 lessons 30 minutes a day, for 2 weeks and I only paid $20. What a deal. Hopefully by the end of the 2 weeks he will be a fishy in the water.