Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Goodbye Everyone

So this will be my last post EVER. Tomorrow I will be dead. I will die tonight in my sleep....

just kidding, but I sure do feel like it. I haven't posted about this yet but I have registered to do the Harmons Best Damn Bike Tour in support of MS. It is in June and I have signed up to do the 40 mile bike ride. I was suckered into by a guy that I work with. I went for a ride a few weeks ago and I couldn't even make it a mile. I thought for sure that it just wasn't going to happen for me. Today Yamil (Jamil) and I went for a ride on the Jordan River Parkway. Please remember that this is "technically" my first ride. It started out good. I felt like I could just go forever. At mile 5 we stopped and they asked me if I felt like I could keep going. I felt good so we kept on. At mile 7 we turned around and headed back. I ended up biking a little over 14 miles. I can't even believe it. I feel like someone shoved a brick up my butt and I will most likely not be able to walk tomorrow. When I walked downstairs my legs were shaking and I felt like they would buckle underneath me. I'm glad that it is over. I only need to add 26 miles to that and I'm golden.

Monday, April 28, 2008

This is for Uncle Kenny

Macfarlane this is for you....WE LOVE YOU!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

One at a time boys...

He was mad
Tyden and Mom
Hadlee and Mom
Dax, Mikelle and Pierce

Miss Hadlee
Trying to dance with Hadlee
Dax, bustin' a move

On Thursday Justin's cousin Nattilee got married in Bountiful. The men weren't able to make it up there and all of the girls went to the wedding. It was so much fun. After the wedding we went to the luncheon and then we had a few hours before we needed to be back up there for the wedding reception. We had all of the kids during the wedding reception. They had this live band and the kids just loved it. Dax was shaking his groove thing and Pierce and Dax wanted to dance with Hadlee. It was so dang cute. I love to take pictures so of course I was in everyones face while I tried to catch the perfect one. Now that Hadlee is walking she was all over the dance floor. Here are some of the pictures that I was able to get.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hadlee's Tag

10 Things about Miss Hadlee...

1. She LOVES Blues Clues
2. She just barely got her 3rd tooth and she is 14 months old
3. She loves her binkie
4. She sleeps with the stuffed cow that Lindz gave her at the hospital when she was born. She LOVES it
5. She is always happy and rarely cries
6. She loves to eat and she stores it in her caboose
7. She loves to wrestle with Tyden, sometimes he's a little rough
8. She loves her Mommy, she is a total Mommy's girl
9. She is FINALLY walking
10. Her nicknames are Baby Girl, Miss Hadlee and Sister (Pierce calls her sister too)

Monday, April 21, 2008

A SICK weekend

My poor children. They have been coughing their brains out. I thought that maybe they had caught what Pierce and Brocky had so on Saturday morning I took them to the doctor. The Dr. said that they have a virus and it needs to just run its course. They listened to Tyden's breathing and decided to give him a breathing treatment. His breathing improved afterwards and the doctor said this....."Well, I'm going to say that Tyden has asthma." Can you believe it? Can the kid get a freaking break? He really got the short end of the stick, just like his dad. He gave us a presciption for an inhaler and a chamber. I'll explain. There is this chamber that is attached to a mouth piece. You put the inhaler in the chamber end and squeeze a puff into the chamber. Then Tyden takes big breaths. He is still too small to do it the normal way. He loves taking his medicine. He actually asks for it and doesn't like people to watch him do it. It's too cute.
So Hadlee has been throwing up with her sickness. It's been really bad and Justin has be awesome. He has offered to stay home with her while I went to my parents. Uncle Steve and Debbie were in town and I wanted to spend time with them. While we were up there Dad and Uncle Steve gave Tyden a blessing too. I'm so thankful that they are worthy Priesthood holders. It is such a blessing to have that. Last night when we were up there Tyden asked Uncle Steve to blow bubbles with him on the back porch. Uncle Phil took this picture for me.
We also had a waxing party. I waxed Dads ears and Phils back. Debbie did Uncle Steves ears too. I didn't take pictures. I don't think that that would be something that people would want to see.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Tyden has moved on to being obsessed with Thomas the Train. I tried to avoid it. I'm kind of weird about character things. Anyway, he has a bunch the take along trains. They are the little die-cast ones that are magnetic. I have a stash of them in my closet so when he does something good or when he goes to Primary he get a surprise. It's a way of bribing him to stay in Primary, lets be honest. Anyway, the Easter Bunny gave him a Thomas DVD in his basket and he loves it. We watch it a million times a day. Literally. He has learned a lot of the characters from the DVD. Lately he has been asking for Emily, Molly and Spencer. Of course I haven't been able to find them anywhere in the stores. I even looked online and on Ebay and I still couldn't find them. I found this toy store online called All Aboard Toys and they have tons of stuff. They have so many trains. I bought him Emily, Molly and Spencer on Monday. They sell them 20% off too. They were each only 6.97. That's good for a double train. I had him open it up at Mom and Dad's last night. I wanted to get him opening it on Video. He's so cute.

Blues Clues

Since Hadlee was born she has always loved Blues Clues. I use to sit her in her highchair in front of the TV and play recorded shows over and over. She would literally sit and watch it for hours. Well now that she is older she likes to dance. I caught her dancing the other day and I wanted to get a video of it.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ROAD RAGE gone bad!!

Most of you that have driven with me or have been on the phone while I'm driving, know that I have TERRIBLE road rage. I would like to think that it has calmed down in the last few years but I'm sure that it hasn't. People in Utah think that they can just drive however they want and that it will be okay. It just drives me crazy. I especially hate when people flip me off. I will admit that I am a honker and occasionally I will flip it. I mostly will just yell at people (like they can hear me.)

Here is the GOOD part.....

The other day Justin had taken Tyden on a scooter ride and I was sitting on the steps out in back. When they pulled up Justin and I were talking and Tyden was sitting in his Flintstones car (you know that one that uses feet.) He honked the horn twice and yelled, "Get out of the way, you JERK."

I guess that I should be grateful that he picked up on one of the more mild ones. It could have been worse. I swear that kid is so observant.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Daddy's Home

So for the last 2 weeks Justin has been gone in Seattle for training. I have been a single parent for 2 weeks and let me tell ya, it has been hard. Luckily since we live with Justin's parents it has been easier on me. We went to the airport to pick him up today. I wanted to surprise him when he walked through security and be waiting for him but I failed. Kari called me and told me that he was waiting in the pick-up area. I walked outside to get him and he had no luggage with him (I sent him with 2 bags.) He then explained his night from Hell.....

He was staying with the manager at his condo in downtown Seattle. It is similar to the gateway condos. If you leave the foyer then you have to have a special key or a pass code to get back in. Well a bunch of people from the office went out to party last night and Justin stayed back. He decided that he wanted to go down and get some ice cream. He didn't have a key and was locked out. He didn't have anything on him. The night before he had left his cell in another guys car. So he didn't have any numbers....not even mine. (He needs to memorize it) The security guards wouldn't let him in either, not without the "code." He tried to sleep on the street. This was about 1 a.m. They had just got back into town, that's why it late. So he was approached numerous times for money and offered crack. He had to hide his money in his shoe. He didn't have a coat either. All he was wearing was a church shirt and slacks. It's right by the ocean so he was getting a serious breeze. So he couldn't sleep so he tried to pound on the door and call up but no one was home...still. It was about 4:30 am when he called a taxi and went to IHOP to eat. At 7:30 am when he got to the airport. I had already purchased his plane ticket so he knew that he had to catch his flight. He tried to change it to a later time but he couldn't. His flight was at 11:30 am so he got on and came home. He got to me tired and needing a shower. So he has no church clothes, toothbrush, razor, shoes, or anything that he took with him. The manager from Seattle is coming down next week so he will be bringing Justin's stuff down.

What a trip huh? I'm so glad to have him home. It is difficult to be without him.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Oompa Loompa

Last night I took the kids to my parents. Mom fixed Spaghetti for dinner. Hadlee was literally shoving it in her mouth. This is what she looked like when she was finished. I put my camera on B&W and told it to pick out the orange. She looks a little freaky but it was all over her. She even has the junk in the trunk to make her a Oompa Loompa.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Under or Over?

Hadlee is obsessed with crawling under things. We catch her doing it all of the time. My mom found her inside of a box yesterday. She is so random. I don't know what the fascination is with it but she loves it. She likes to crawl through tiny spaces too. She isn't the skinniest thing either and most of the time she gets stuck. She needs whiskers like a cat so she can sense how big the space is and not get stuck.

Meema's Chair

Grammy's Steamer

Meema's Pot

General Conference

My friend Haleigh e-mailed me this General Conference Activity packet for the kids. I told Tyden it was a game so he was all over it. There are these ties next to the Apostles pictures and they are suppose to color the tie that they are wearing. It is a really cute thing. He wanted to color every tie and would tell me when the women didn't have them. He's so smart. He was doing a maze to "Follow the Prophet." I got him on video singing the song. It's so cute.

It's a great way for him to be able to listen and pay attention to the talks. The packet is geared towards older kids that can write but there is bingo and pictures of all of the Prophets that they can color. It's a good way for him to get into the habit of watching conference.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

She'll hate them one day

Today I came down stairs to find Hadlee going through my box of Tampax. She was actually sucking on them (she thinks that everything is food) and putting them on her head. I told her in 10 years she'll hate them. One day she'll appreciate these pictures. What a little stinker.

I decided that I'm going to add something to my blog. I want to start posting things that Tyden says that are funny. He says the weirdest things. It will be my sidebar. Check it out. Mikelle do it for Pierce too. You too, Lindz.
This is a picture that I took of Hadlee at Mom and Dad's. She has managed to stuff 2 Nilla Wafers in her mouth. She looks like a duck. I told you that she will eat anything and as much of it as possible.